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Antique Furniture caring

After antique pieces around your home, after a lot of character to your home. Not only beautiful pieces, but almost all have an interesting story that can hold a great conversation. Paste is important in the fact that they can be very useful to learn, for antique furniture and other pieces of care.

Be aware of extreme temperatures

Surfaces to reduce too hot or too cold, the furniture. As the humidity or moisture from. This is because the temperature can increase or decrease the wood and joints, hinges and inlays. Not to mention that encourage mold. Try to keep the pieces in a room with a dehumidifier to control moisture problems and in a house not too hot or too cold. This means in part not, the pieces in the attic or basement storage, as these areas can be very hot in summer and very cold in winter.

Aware sun exposure

Such as extreme temperatures, sunlight also lose parts. This is because that can destroy the UV light and heat from the sun, the finished piece and makes the fabric. Keep them get to areas that direct sunlight and use curtains to protect from the sun.

Clean your furniture

about once every two weeks clean parts with a lint-free cloth. Dampen clean cloth, and like the rooms, turn the material frequently. The cloth should be moist and frequently to avoid scratching the surface. Once a year, to help the piece of wood furniture polish that stands out. If you have any pieces of bronze, not to shine, as it can aggravate their value. Leave as is.

Move carefully

Remember to move the pieces with care. Before you try to move a piece of moving things along the way, have a clear path. If the part can be removed without problems, you need and wrap each piece individually. For example, marble and glass tables should always be moved separately. Remember: Always lift. Never pull.

Remember to press the care of antique furniture, where you live. If you live in a dry-wet or the coldest city, these factors will determine how to treat your furniture. You can use the basic guidelines that we have said, or you can call a local experience

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