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Wicker Chairs

Wicker furniture comes in many varieties, and the seats are one of the most versatile pieces. Wicker chairs, wood fiber and resin can be placed almost anywhere. With an exotic style pieces have the perfect figure for the summer or spring, especially when combined with a seat cushion colors. But despite these and other furniture associated with courtyards, this woven wood furniture is suitable for all seasons and all rooms in a house.

Wicker chairs and other pieces are made of woven strands of wood fibers. Often these are the cores of rattan stalks, so that the pieces of wicker are also known as "wicker furniture." Rattan is not the only natural material used in wicker, however, and whole plants, such as switches used the willow, rattan or bamboo. The wooden slats are woven to a more robust, mostly made of wood or metal.

Chairs and furniture but are built for indoor and outdoor environments and are generally not made of natural wood. Since the material is UV resistant and water, resin or plastic must be, instead of the all-time chairs and tables used. Synthetic rattan is often accompanied by tissue from a combination of polyester, acrylic.

Even with different materials, the possibilities are endless style. While most Wickers a neutral color is light brown or honey, wood, like others, can have an end. Ends dark brown or mocha chair an unusual character, which, when compared with the lighter carpet looks pretty exotic or tropical. But on the other hand, white wicker chairs and white are also sought, since the color of light is often ideal for summer and contrasts with the existing house or your patio.

Wicker chairs are perfect for any room in the house, but depends on the hardware implementation. If you are looking for an interesting piece of furniture to keep the doors and take in the summer and it is not broke, consider looking for a resin wicker chair cushion in fabric from all types of weather. If you keep the seat plan within natural wood has a different atmosphere and the chairs in different styles. Consider rocking chairs, high chairs, stools or bar, anywhere in your house, a living room with a room with a dining room.

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