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Interior Design for 2011

Another year has come and new trends can be deployed quickly in all areas of our lives. A good way to start the new year and again with a new burst of energy change is the interior, but be careful because there are new rules this year.

In 2011, the trends in interior design to pay more attention to the family and show great interest in the preservation and vintage, one of the first priorities will be to save money.

The current economic situation, many of us are nostalgic for the good old days. The so-called "old colors" to remember the past of the most popular design trends this year. Earth brown, green or blue in it for both color and fabric trends. What are the trends for fuel in 2011 will be the interest of "truth." Thanks to the reuse of furniture restoration, you will not only save money but you have to have a good feeling helped to protect the environment.

This year, even in the interior of the attention turned to the origins. Because the desire to think the people of the past experience that the interest of designers the origins of life will be given to everyone is to look for ways and colors with a global influence. African tribal art patterns and symbols of the Indians at the beginning used many, many forms. To good to use vivid colors together, but at the same time, modestly, as reflections of gold with musk, tomatoes and blue ocean.

As people are focusing their attention on the origins, they recognize that the most important thing in life is not money. The economic downturn gives them the desire to simplify their lives. Various shades of gray and black are the colors used in neutral this year, is gray used in many combinations with other colors and different shades of yellow, a dash of color. You can also challenging combinations, the use of glass or gold or steel. These items must be informed by various sources, glow in the room to create.

One detail to remember are the colors and what they symbolize - as it should be designated the hope and optimism. Spring in nature symbolizes the birth and the colors of spring bring hope. Violet, tangerine, yellow and green can be used in tissues. The floral pattern with a retro look, you can still see, as more and more accessories for the interior combination of these colors.

Even if you can not change their furniture can, in any year there are rules to the interior design or suggestions you could follow test a new racing series: vintage, ethnic, Home Office Scandinavian, Outdoor - are roof, only one design trends this year. We are always looking for comforting warmth in our homes, privacy, plus open spaces and light lines, minimalist.

Vintage furniture restored antique, romantic lines, intricate pieces of solid wood, decorative pieces to remember old times. The latter, a style is loved by women vintage pieces more than "old" precious pieces of past generations, grandparents and great-grandparents. Vintage-style goes, both clothing and furniture to the value and quality remained intact over time. But make sure that the vintage pieces that have or want to buy is the style of the house.

Etno - heat, fireplace, the smell of spices - that's what inspired this trend. India, Morocco, Central Asia, China, Russia: As with the interior of this trend driven by the aesthetics of the "color" of the East. Explosion of colors, both on a white background and strong contrasts different: red, orange, yellow. However, if you are not in favor of ethnic style, select the elements, the colors of carpets, wood, natural color and low light to get the effect.

Exterior - inside is a new trend catching this year to fall in love, if you are an outsider. The desire for an intimate, warm, one of the trends is this year imposed by outside parties, within which usually sit on the terrace or in the garden, set the mood in the lounge. So, deep wicker chairs, side tables, coffee and bamboo plants make bulky, big inside. Special effects allow sunlight through the large windows.

A new trend this year is the cold of Scandinavia. Of course, we all love the minimalist look with the white furniture, romantic lines that are very functional. It's more than likely it's a lifestyle. Choose white furniture, white painted walls cast with colorful accessories, colorful pillows, rugs, soft nude, boxes in different sizes so that you save a place for magazines and DVDs.


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