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Japanese Furniture Designers

The interest in the design of the Japanese furniture has since Japan opened its borders for the 19th Century trade increased. The desire to break a simple house, the concept of the Japanese house and interior design.

The Japanese use the term "mine", distance or space between two objects on their designs. Ma is also as an awareness that a particular feeling or sensation of a person enters a room are described.

My contemporary designers in Japan used to create a space design. When a piece such as a chair, sofa or bed, is placed in a room, a Japanese designer to concentrate on creating the space around the element in the atmosphere of the room. This technique is particularly useful in the design, where Zen simplicity and technology meet art and function.

Japanese designers tend to put their creations with ease. The raw materials used in the design of furniture that most are made of wood, rattan and bamboo. Dark Wood is very popular, and the wood will be produced primarily by the clean lines and shapes. The device is usually minimized, especially in a room where to take the environment, space and simplicity. Japanese Zen-inspired design took over the Eastern world, with a strong demand for work by designers of contemporary furniture.

The best furniture designers, including the United States have begun to focus on the design and Japanese Zen. One of the most influential designers from Japan was Kappei (Katsuhei) Toyoguchi, which contributed to the creation of standards for the furniture that was built in the Japanese Industrial Standards.

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