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Lose the white and go neutral

There is a common misunderstanding that neutral must be boring, but it is certainly not! If you've been thinking of losing these white walls for a more neutral nuance, you should! Just a touch of color by a shadow neutral will totally rearrange your room and give heat.

Cream - if you are not ready for too creamy is the perfect solution. It works well with almost any decor and will be the space seems more large, which makes it perfect for a small room color. You do not have to worry about buying new furniture or change your theme either because the color is so versatile.Pale green - it is a soft, cool shade that quickly became popular for the soothing environment that it creates. MOSS or wise nuances are preferable because they contain less yellow.Bluish grey - if your home has warm tones, this shade is probably not a good idea however, if your d├ęcor consists of white, black or neutral, it is a perfect color to complement what already exists in the space.Lavender smoky - not only can a slight grey-Lavender shade compliment a neutral room, it is too little sexy and mysterious. This is the color to monitor this year!grant Beige - while beige always gets the bland word associated, it is a color which can look spectacular in a modern room. Alternatively, if you keep your palette very clean with a pinch of black, white, cream, beige Grant can appear very architectural.

If you are looking for a fast, easy and good way market give a room a rejuvenation treatment, consider adding a little neutral paint for your walls. If you are a person who had white walls for a long time, he may be afraid to make a commitment to a new color, but painting is never permanent, so if you find that you are not in love with itYou can always change this back!

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