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Shingles roof copper respectful of the environment

At one time or another, most owners need to pay a little attention to their roof. Zappone manufactures these shingles dynamic copper since 1969. This American company shingles is easy-to-Earth, available in a few different styles and they have been thoughtfully designed to last for a lifetime!

Are they really that sustainable?

In short, Yes! In fact, they have developed through intense rain, and wind abuse in testing of the hurricane! These copper shingles is made of copper pure 99.96% and each single shingle is inspected to ensure that it meets the standards set by Judge Joseph Zappone III himself.


Copper is the aesthetics! It is contemporary and rustic, yet still rich vintage and will be a complement to a House. Ask you why you do not see too many houses with shingle Zappone? They are so fussy about quality and the aspect that they only of roofs manufacturer 400 each year. Once arrested on a complete list, the following wardrobe name gets put on a list for the following year. They are clearly worth the wait because nobody complains about the delay!

Each cartridge shingle Zappone was the brand name and the initials of the employee who created the and the date wherever they have been completed. If you you are ready for a new roof in the next few years, you can consult these shingles copper sustainable, environmentally friendly to Zappone and get on a waiting list. You do not know to be the only person in the neighbourhood with a roof like that!

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