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Things you can do with mirrors

You probably already know that mirrors create not only the light in a room, they can make a space appear much bigger and full of energy too. However, you may not know that there are many things creative you can do with mirrors, other than just hanging on your wall!

Cover a table

Yes, this may seem a little more work that what you are looking to invest but the result is spectacular! You can buy tiles self-adhesive mirror which are less expensive than you think. This old table that you have planted a color that matches your d├ęcor in your garage and then apply the mirrors on the top of the paint. If they do not perfectly match, make sure you measure in order to get the same amount of all around the room like a border. It is easier to begin by the middle row in this matter and work outward.

Wall Art

You can hang mirror panels in any model you choose through a wall. You could create only a small piece of summary on the short wall in your entry way or spread them out through the entirety of a wall in your living room. If you feel really creative, you can paint a design on some of them or stencil on a few details.

Create pinsetters

There are very inexpensive, unattractive, rectangular available planters that you would normally have to paint, but instead their painting, you add tiles mirrored their. Once more, feel free to add a bit of paint for mirrors for a touch of colour.

Just because it is ideal for mirrors everywhere in your home does not mean that you must renounce first estate wall just to hang!

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