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Bathroom decor

If you've ever wondered why there was a cutout of the moon shaped at the door of most latrines, there is some credible sounding for this explanation. Go ahead and choose the one which sounds best for you.
With no indoor plumbing period outhouses, did there were also no electricity. The small moon shape cut out, located high on the outhouse door was put there so that just enough light could shine in to see what you're doing. If light from the Sun or au Clair de lone, a necessary confidentiality without being in total darkness.
With this theory, the cutting of the Crescent Moon was not necessary to light because most latrines had a top vent on the back wall that allow light and fresh air. Instead, the cutting of the Crescent Moon has a very practical form to meet your hand thanks to the door from the outside or be closed inside. It did had no locks or extra, because that material door handle as it was difficult to find and increasing cutting was just easier and cheaper.
Many people were illiterate latrines have been used. The symbol of the Moon is another sign of womanhood. Pit toilets with Crescent Moon were originally destined for women. Toilets for men had a star symbol or sun carved out of the door to the ground, the male counterpart to the symbol of the moon. It is believed that latrine of most men fell into disuse while women were better preserved. As a result, eventually everyone started using latrines with the symbol of the moon on them.
No matter what theory is really the truth, one thing is for certain. The Crescent Moon on the latrine door became a symbol of nostalgic Americana decoration.

Since the latrine symbolizes the lifestyle of the early American pioneers, is the accessory bathroom rustic style perfect. Accessories bathroom you find with a latrine theme include:
Shower curtains bathroom mat toothbrush holders, Lotion pumps brushes toilet paper toilet tissue holders napkin rings wall bounding box holders switch plates Soap dishes waste baskets
You can give bathroom a style very rustic primitive or country with outhouse bathroom accessories. This style of decoration also works with style shabby chic or cottage homes.
To make the appearance even more lately, you can add a pedestal sink and an old claw foot tub with a round shower curtain rod or curving around it. Be sure to include the outhouse shower curtain. Alternatively, you can find old-fashioned light Bathroom lighting.
Finally, you can go even further by visiting a few savings boutiques or antique shops. Locate genuine antiques that you can place the bathroom, room as a milk old-fashioned steel jug, turn-of-the-century newspapers or magazines, and perhaps a few antique medicine bottles you can place on a shelf for bathroom. A plateau of vanity vintage antique perfume bottles with a vintage hand mirror would add to nostalgia, as long that you have adequate bathroom shelves to display these items.
You can easily find toilets, bathroom decor online. Start with the following retailers and see an excellent example of model bathroom completely in latrines decor Mart discount online:

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