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Zebra rug for room

Carpet synthetic zebra on average can cost anywhere from $69-500$. Among the largest synthetic mats can run over $1000. With a synthetic carpet, you know that you support the slaughter of exotic animals for their skins. Most synthetic carpets are rectangular, oval or circular shapes. Alternatively, you can choose different patterns and colors of mats band synthetic zebra.
When it comes to color, you can only get a true black and white zebra rug if you buy a synthetic carpet. A real zebra stripes are not really black. Dark stripes range from a charcoal grey dark to light reddish brown. White is often a cream color. Zoologists really classify as zebras is black with white stripes.
If you the appearance of a real hair but don't want to contribute to the assassination of zebras, you can purchase a rug Zebra cow skin. It is always the real skin and hair of an animal, the difference is that cows are also a source of food, as a result, almost all parts of the animal are used, not only the skin.
The contrast between the colors black and white zebra print combined with the ground hitting stripes as a zebra rug means is really stand out. It can even become the focal point of the room.

A zebra rug makes not only an attractive ground on a hardwood or tile floor, but it can also make a catchy tapestry for a wall. Just as the contrast and the pattern will be inspire your eyes to the floor, he hung on the wall really draws your eyes it is also well.
A zebra rug will work with many decorating styles. This type of carpet could fit in with the rustic decor or primitive type as one might find in a big-game hunting cabin. A carpet as this would also fit perfectly with a high style of high-end modern home. The most obvious decorating schema for a zebra rug would be an African theme room.
Finally, the bands catchy designed to confuse predators, making them unable to distinguish the following animal adds balance contrast and design in an eclectic style room. Combining a bright impression zebra with bold colors mat, found objects, such as hand blown art glass or abstract sculptures ceramics offers an interesting mix.
One thing to remember with zebra print is that it is very easy too. If you put a zebra rug in the same room with a zebra wall tapestry, print zebra would be overwhelming. Zebra is such a bold pattern, a little goes very far

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