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Hang a picture on every wall

There is a system for hanging pictures to help you keep in balance while making a nice aesthetic arrangement.
The first point where photos are to organize the way you want on the floor. This way you can play with different patterns until you find something you like. You can even make a template by placing your photos on a large sheet of paper and trace around frames.
The next tip for hanging pictures is to hang at eye level. The eye level is always subjective, if a person is standing or sitting, because everybody's eye level is slightly different depending on the how tall or short. Just try to avoid suspension images too high or too low.
When a group of photos, try to keep their evenly spaced. You may need to use a tape measure for this. You can hang pictures of the same size in a horizontal line, or you can try stunning photos by hanging a slightly higher than the next slightly lower and the next slightly higher once again corresponding to the same height as the first photo. This works best if you have an even number of photos. Two to four small pictures on a narrow wall work for an offbeat grouping.

On a wall in a staircase, you can hang pictures in a diagonal line. If you're suspended a large painting behind the couch, make sure that the bottom of the image is at least four to six inches from the back of the furniture. The image must never be larger than the piece of furniture before it or below. A good rule is to have the image no larger than 75% of the width of the furniture.
Leaving a wall completely empty when all the other walls have something they throw off the coast of the balance of the room. However, this does not mean that you hang pictures or illustrations framed on each wall. There are other alternatives for décor wall that will add texture and the size of the entire room.
An alternative hanging pictures or illustrations is to install a platform or a group of bars on the wall. Now you can display a variety of objects such as figurines, candles, vases, etc. to give the wall a more three-dimensional look.
Another solution would be to hang a wall tapestry. Tapestry will add to the texture and color to the rest of the piece. Alternatively, you can try an Oriental fan arrangement for a different texture and three-dimensional appearance.
A wall fountain is another great idea for spare wall decor. Not only the fountain will add texture and dimension, it will also provide motion and a quiet, appealing sound. Many indoor wall fountains also come with lights integrated focus, making it truly astonishing decorative accents. You can see different styles of indoor wall fountains by visiting the following retailers:
The metal wall art is a great way to decorate your walls with something different and unusual. This kind of art is very three-dimensional; parties not really affecting the wall will create shadows.
Stone or marble wall plates make scenery beautiful wall. This includes the springboards gardens which can be hung on the wall. Stone wall plates add texture rich and dimension.
The next time one of your friends moves into a new apartment or House, and they ask "each wall should a portrait hung," you can answer confidently their question with a resounding "no". There are great alternatives to the hanging of pictures on the walls.

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