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Metal wall hanging

If you never thought to use a compass, outside the camping and hiking trips, you're not alone. However, compasses are truly ideal for decoration. They are interesting sights which are designed with elegance — just the kind of touch which helps makes an ordinary room unique and exciting.
Wall compasses come in a number of different sizes and design styles, so they're easy to work in almost any existing design schema. Antique-inspired compass for example, work well with the Americana themed houses, while simple and elegant, drapery murals compasses of money working in modern homes.
Although a compass can work in almost any room, they work particularly well in a few specific areas. If you like the idea of using a compass as art wall, consider these ideas to start:
Decorate a desktop at home with a compass. Add maps and books to complete the look. Use Compass wall wallpaper to decorate a room on the theme of travel, a teenager. Add a compass to a boating or beach themed room bathroom or bedroom. Use a compass in an area outdoors, such as the side of a garage or the wall behind your veranda.

You can activate up to hanging compass to markets and antiques shops of decoration, including Marshall home goods and target discount stores. If you prefer to do your shopping with your mouse, check these Web sites for classified ads:
Arts and House - the compass rose metal is unique, because instead of coming as a single unit, each part of the compass comes as an individual piece. This gives the freedom to put pieces wherever you like and allows the wall below to show through auteur and between songs. The total size is 20 inches, and it can be hung inside or outside. Belabor – Belabor has a number of different wall compasses on their site longer with a nautical theme. In addition to stand alone wall hanging compasses, they also have a few takes different on a sailboat-more-compass design is the perfect touch for any boating or beach themed home. Wall Art Source - This wall hanging compass is mounted on a tile. You can choose a single tile, or for maximum impact, buy a few tiles and align them on your wall. There will be slight variations in the tiles add to the appeal to the eye popping. Decorative wrought iron - these metal compasses black and gold shop have a distinctive touch. Instead of the traditional N, S, W, E markers, these works of art of the wall were circular compass with the Sun and the stars design in the workplace. They come in sets of four.
Although the selections vary, be sure to keep an eye on retailers such as Amazon, Pottery Barn, Ikea, Grand in Road, and Ballard for choices of compass to wall.
Your compass placement is based on the size of the compass, size and shape of your room. However, a few general ground rules should take advantage you of your compass for a long time to come:
Find the center of your wall by the first measurement of the height and width. Then, divide in two height measurement, measuring this figure and make a mark. Repeat the process with the width so that width point intersects the height point. If you do not want directly compass at the Centre of a wall, you can apply this process to the section of the wall where you want to the compass. Choose the height of the compass. According to the furniture in the room, the eye level is a good starting point. If the compass is heavy, use a toggle hook, anchor bolts or molly plastic to prevent falling compass.

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