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Dot wall sticker

Wall stickers or wall decals are made vinyl stickers be placed directly on the wall. These stickers are extremely thin, come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be applied to any clean, flat surface. Wall stickers are a great way to add some interest to a room and be used for the following purposes.
A way to translate a space without paint colors he wants to make a decorative element in room without wall stencils or art framed an inexpensive way to add custom elements to room, bathrooms and bedrooms way for children to create a mural without paint or stencils
Polka dot wall stickers come in sizes ranging from 5/8 in. through to more than three feet in diameter. They were individually, in almost all colors and shades, some multicolored and sets of size and others for mix. Use a large number of ways to beautify your home.

Bedrooms and playrooms for children are two areas which may benefit from points on the walls. Pull the colors for items of bedding, carpets, drapes and wall art to create a targeted color palette on walls. Mix sizes of points for a more playful look, or some one size little color is not crush space dispersion.
Wall stickers are perfect for bathrooms. Vinyl surface absorbs moisture or vapor, so there's no need to worry about damage. Apply to tiles in a row of sheathing height to create a single border or just brighten up the room with some great points on any space available wall.
Wall stickers are important in bedroom lacking headboards. Focus the eye above the bed with a cluster of large and small color contrast issues. Use cushions on the bed itself bind the two together and create a coherent design effect.
Wall stickers are very easy to implement, clarify any space instantly and are often good markets. However, they can peel paint on the wall behind it when you try to remove them. For this reason, make sure you do your homework in advance for taking the right colors, size and placement on the walls.
Wall stickers can come in the readymade sets, or custom colors. Choosing colors that pick up accent colors already in the room itself to concentrate the eye shake it. Consider the design based on the size of the wall, the number of points that you apply and the size of other accents in space. If you have lots of bold furniture and a large wall covering, don't be afraid to go big with your points. Keep them smaller on the edges and corners of rooms or in rooms with many other current models.
It may be tempting to simply peel off the protective support and paste your points on the walls, but remember: they are easily detached. To do this, use some reusable wall adhesive sticker for posters and do a trial run. Apply a little adhesive safe wall in the back of each point and maintain their on the wall. Take back and watch as a group and adapt as needed. When you're ready to fix on the wall forever, making monitoring of pencil light around the dot before you pull downwards. Remove support, line back up with your brand in pencil and apply for the ideal location.
Polka dot wall stickers can be bright and whimsical warm colors, or they may be more calm and quiet. Find the colors and sizes that work best for to make a statement anywhere in your home. The result will be surprising.

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