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Flat screen TV decorating

Flat screen televisions are saving space defined in older models, boxier, but introducing a new flat screen into a room can be a delicate design proposal that you can imagine. Here is how to incorporate your new TV into your home décor with style.
The first choice you need to do is if you want to mount your flat screen on the wall or place it on a table of TV or an entertainment centre. You don't know which to choose? Consider the following:
If you prefer not to see your TV when not in use, a centre of entertainment with a door is the perfect solution. If you intend to wall mount TV, investigation of room. At least part of the furniture must be organized to allow easy viewing of TV. Is there a suitable wall to pause the TV which also allows you to organize the furniture in a way that is logical for the classroom and allows people to see the television? If you need help with furniture arrangement, see LoveToKnow ideas to arrange furniture in living room. Attention to windows in the room; they can create a reflection on the TV screen that makes it is impossible to see the action. As a rule, long halls do better with wall mount TVs; wall mount provides more high-end visualization. Low console tables works correctly in small rooms where the distance from the television is not a question of viewing.

If you decide to put your flat on a table or an entertainment centre, your decorating doesn't have to change much when you were a television box. If you purchase a new table or entertainment center, also a long time you select a template that matches your television, pay more attention to your style of existing Interior as your flat screen design when you shop. Although flat screens look like particularly elegant sitting on tables that reflect the purity of the lines and the thinness of the TV itself, you do not have to put on your Victorian room in modern style design based on your television.
If you keep an existing console or an entertainment centre, but you find that it is too large for your flat screen, some framed photos or trinkets can do well to fit the space. Just stay away from what be too colorful or decorated. You should avoid decorations that will divert viewing TV.
Wall mounts your flat, need to rethink some of your walls contemporary art, but it can also create a new outgoing way to inject style into your room. Here are a few options to consider.
Painting the wall that houses the TV in a daring to - focus color and your television — a focal point for the room. Wallpaper would do the trick as well. If your TV is on a large wall and you want to make them less visible hang framed photos scattered around the TV. Choose frames that match the TV frame. If your TV is silver, go to frames in silver, black frames correspond to a black TV and so forth. Use horizontal and vertical photos, but retain the same frames. For a funky twist, put a big frame around the television itself. Use a framework that is significantly larger than the television so that some of the wall shows through between the frame and television. If you want to go even more daring, integrating this looks with an accent color or the wallpaper.
When it comes to decorating around a flat screen TV, either your television philosophy your guide. If your Kiss TV and enjoy equity in your home decor, play making it a focal point. If you prefer to keep your habit of TV under wraps, discrete decoration and closed entertainment centers could be a better fit.

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